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"Conference Theme 2013: Healing is in the Spirit"
" Kamitic Healing and Spirituality "

The BMHHENY 2013 Community Award recipient is STICMAN OF DEAD PREZ known for his HEALTH IS THE NEW GANGSTA theme that pivots him way past others.  We are pleased and excited to honor this young brother that is changing the way black men look at health and the impact it has on family and community.

Without a doubt, Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen 1 is the most prolific author on Kamitic Religion will again share his wisdom with us.  For those of us who has been around the Ausar Auset Society International have seen the growth in the volumes of the Metu Neter.  Its easy for newcomers to access online classes and share the wisdom of Kamit with others.  BMHHENY 2013 shares with the world the health teaching of Kamit that made Kamit still unsurpassed in achievement spiritually and physically.  I am excited to pass on the greatness of African people and their teachings.  Contrary to what Westerners say, we are a great people.

Yes, the 2013 Youth agenda has expanded from discussion group to discussion and meditation.  Talk is not enough. The 2013 conference plans to take it a step further.  In order to implement change we have to move beyond rhetoric. Building on our conference theme, Healing is in the Spirit" we will introduce Kamitic Success themes and structure.  You will come away with a rich sense of what to do to be successful.  

In addition, check out the classes we added based on the results of discussion with Black Youth 2012 Conference. 

BMHHENY 2013 features new classes and a repeat of 2012 classes with new information.  Thanks for all those who turned in evaluations forms.  Because of popular demand we are repeating some of the classes but with added and updated information.  

I am pleased to see registration is open for the BMHHENY 2013 Conference.  The process should be seamless as in 2012.  We are planning for registrants to take advantage of the early registration package that ends in May 2013.  On line registration should be completed by May but for those planning to register late the process should be just as seamless.