Presentation Highlights from Expo 2012

Opening Plenary

The State of Black Men’s Health 2012

Heq Shemsu Heru Shekhem Mehab Neter 

Heru Nefer everyone.  Being clear as to why we are here, we are going to address today the current state of black men’s health, and what are our responsibilities to improve those conditions.  The topics that we are going to look at--and, as you do a presentation as a title, you want to make sure that everybody is aware of what the title represents.  So we are saying Black men’s health. ..... (Read More)

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Dr. Ur Aua Khem Men Sih Napata

This is a very practical workshop –I am not going to really talk about high BP because we know that one of the major things said about high BP is that as black men we have a predisposition for high BP and that we are twice as likely to suffer from high BP than any other ethnic race – those are the statistics. Of course when we talk about predisposition we are not basically talking about a genetic predisposition but we are talking about four generations of black men who have been exposed to a diet  ..... (Read More)

Bazi Astrology

Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen 1

Bazi Chinese Astrology – before I begin to talk about it, I want to lay down the context. This is a Black Men Holistic Health and we are seeking health but in what context. Do we want just to be healthy for health sake, or is there a greater goal for being healthy? When I first came to this country -  a few weeks after when I was in the country I heard about the Black Panthers and there was a Black Panthers office.... (Read More)

Men's Well and Virility

Dr. Ankhnu Uaskhem

Show me with a show of hands where you are from: Washington, Philly, Pittsburg, North Carolina, Chicago, New York; which one’s of you were here from last time? So there are only three or four repeats? So this is new for everyone else. Ok! Last time it was in reverse. This is the Male Virility Workshop, one of my favorite workshops, because I consider it one of the most important. So, male virility, what’s its purpose, what’s its value. I’d like to think of it from multiple perspectivesbut I’ll give you my favorite perceptive: how do you all want to die.....(Read More)

Physiology of the Male Hormonal System

Dr. Kamau Kokayi

With that said we all know there is a decline in the male reproductive system, and that’s something that men deal with in various ways.  Some try to deal with it outright.  Some try to hide it, fake it.   Some go to the Korean corner store and reach for something. Some people dive into the Internet or search books.  I am going to try to shed some light on that..... (Read More)

Transcend Mental Health Stressors

Qes Aunghkti

Stress is not nervous tension;  Stress is not the nonspecific results of damage only; Stress is not a reaction to a specific thing; Stress cannot and should not be avoided…You can’t run away from yourself…I don’t care what it is you have to learn how to deal with it.  Stress is the nonspecific response of the body to any demands, whether it is caused by, or results in, pleasant or unpleasant conditions. An applied force or system that tends to strain or deform a body; ..... (Read More)